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The Fuchs Group

The company Fuchs was founded 1931 in Mannheim, Germany. Today, we are a globally active lubricants company operating in about 100 countries accross the five continents of the world employing more than 4000 qualified people working in various fields. Among the independent lubricants companies, FUCHS is the largest supplier of industrial lubricants and combines German Technology with a worldwide team of Lubricant Specialists to create advanced lubrication systems for our customers anywhere.

FUCHS has a widely diversified product range meeting the requirements set by American, European and Asian equipment manufacturers. We as a global group, not only support important customers seeking to enter new markets, but at the same time also develop new local customer groups with its tailor-made solutions. FUCHS products are manufactured in state-of-the-art plants ensuring the highest quality standards. The products are manufactuered under strict quality controls in ISO 9000 ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 accredited plants around the world. The rapid growth of FUCHS is represented by the fact that 70% of the sales are generated with products that are less than five years old.

FUCHS operates world wide with 54 blending plants and laboratories equipped with the latest technologies to cater the needs of our customers as well as the research team for developing the future needs.

“Together, we are committed to move your world”