P E T R O L U B E   ( T )   L T D

Research & Development

The FUCHS group has a very strong focus on technical support, research and development , having over 300 chemists and technical staffs operating around the world. The inhouse expertise have specialist knowledge and skills to cover all applications, ranging from all industrial and automotive applications to special sectors such as medicine and food hygiene. These include all products from motorcycle lubricants to aerospace fluids, cleaners, hygiene products, fire resistant hydraulics, metal working fluids, and all types of industrial and speciality lubricants.

The optimized level of innovative power is a key driver in the highly developing world of technology. The group operates R&D centres around the world and have excellent communication and coordination between the working groups to ensure the Research projects run on time and to the maximum benefit of the customers. The customer relationships, most of which have been in place for many years, allows the group to engage in applied developments directly at the customer’s location, so as to offer products and services tailored specifically to their requirements. This allows lubricants to be adapted to customer processes or new lubricants to be developed at the same time as new machines and systems.

FUCHS’s corporate laboratories in Mannheim are extensively equipped with specialist laboratory equipment and resources and the test field centre contains many test stands designed in many cases jointly with our customers to test our newly developed products to the limit.

FUCHS carry out first class research and product development, always taking care to ensure that collective knowledge is utilized to get the best solutions for the customers.