P E T R O L U B E   ( T )   L T D


 Automotive Engine Oils

High performance lubricants for cars, trucks, buses, locomotives, construction machinery and agriculture equipment. Also special lubricants for stationary equipment and power generators.

Automatic Gear Oils And Automatic Transmission Fields(ATF)

FUCHS gear lubricants are formulated to prevent wear of gears in high speed, high load operations and gives excellent protection against rust and corrosion. FUCHS Automatic Transmission Fluids are specially formulated for automatic gear boxes and equipment as well as for power steering.

 Industrial Lubricants

FUCHS Industrial oils guarantee long life and optimal wear protection even in extreme conditions. FUCHS Industrial oils extend oil change intervals and reduce servicing costs. Applications include hydraulic systems, gearbox, slide ways, compressors and roller bearings.

Environmentally Friendly / Specialty Products

Environmental protection – the motivation for innovation: Our ecologically friendly PLANTO series now includes many products and make FUCHS the leader in this field.
FUCHS cutting fluids offer excellent corrosion protection and good in metal cutting.


For all application including automotive, machine tools, steel works, cement factory, sugar mills, mining and food beverage industries and various other application.