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General Purpose and Complex Greases Specifications /Approvals
RENOLIT MP Multi- purpose lithium grease, good mechanical & oxidation stability, inhibits rust & corrosion, suitable for bearing temperatures up to 120°C and is able to resist water contamination. K2 K-20
K3 K-20
RENOLIT FEP Extreme pressure lithium grease, suitable for the lubrication of both plain and rolling element bearings operating under high temperature, high load conditions. Operating temperatures up to 120C. KPx K-20
RENOLIT DURAPLEX EP Lithium complex grease capable of withstanding high thermal and mechanical loads. It has outstanding resistance to water washout and provides excellent corrosion protection, work stability and resistance to ageing. Operating range of -30°C to +160°C. KP2 P-20
KP3 P-20