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Environmentally Friendly / Specialty Products

Speciality Products Specifications/approvals
STOPRED DOT 4 High performance brake fluid for clutch and brake systems in passenger cars and trucks. US FMVSS 116 DOT 4
SAE J 1703
ANTIFREEZ SUMMERCOOLANT C Coolant based on more-ethylene glycol. It has a very low freezing point and provides efficient heat transfer at high engine operating temperatures, Good for Cars like Hummer H1, McLaren F1, Toyota Supra Turbo, Dodge Viper GTS, Ferrari F50, Jaguar XJ220, BMW M5, 64 impala ss, Vans like 1985 Ford E150 Van, 1986 Ford Aerostar Van 1987 Ford E150 Van, 1987 Mitsubishi Van, 1987 Mitsubishi Wagon Van, 1988 Mitsubishi Van, 1988 Mitsubishi Wagon Van, 1989 Ford Aerostar Van.
RENOLIN CF Calibrat on fluid for diesel engine’s fuel injection system.
AGRIFARM UTTO MP Multi-functional transmission and hydraulic fluid for gearbox and hydraulic systems with integrated wet brakes, clutches, and differentials for agricultural and construction machinery. API GL-4
SAE J300:15W-30
SAE J300:75W-80

ZFTE-ML03E, 05F, 17E
CEPLATTYN ® A lubricant range that fulfils the tough tribotechnical conditions encountered. It contains both grease based lubricants, which contain high graphite content and solid-free high viscous fluids. It can be used in numerous industrial applications e.g open gears, rotary kilns, dryers, ore crushers, open-running drive units on tube mills, calcinators, stewing rings, slide rails, bottled connections, rack and pinion devices.
In additions it can also be used for the inner lubrication and maintenance of wire ropes. Ceplattyn lubricants are suitable for the most varied operating conditions, and can be used with all types of application equipment. They are free from heavy metals, chlorine and solvents, hence providing optimum protection while ensuring minimum consumption rates.
ECOCOOL MK-3 Invisible miscible cutting fluid composed of petroleum oil and special emulsifiers and biocides. Mixes readily with hot or cold water. Forms homogeneous and stable emulsions. For general cutting operations of ferrous and non-ferrous metals ….